Who We Are

The Authentic Leader is a leadership development company focused exclusively on improving people through speaking engagements, leadership team relations, coaching, strategic planning, and hiring/selection. Current long term partnerships include family businesses, manufacturing companies, financial institutions and small to mid sized companies.

Specialties: Coaching, speaking, strategic planning, hiring/selection, conflict resolution within teams and leadership, people development, succession planning, personality assessments.


Focused exclusively on improving client's business relationships, Melissa is passionate about adding value to her partnerships. She impacts business with a unique approach to the execution of strategy, succession planning, leadership development, conflict resolution, hiring/selection, sales leadership, and teambuilding. While results are key, Melissa believes that success is measured in quality relationships, maintaining a sense of humor even in tough times, and is always committed to authentic and honest feedback.

Leadership Consultant and Coach

An experienced educator, leader, consultant, and coach, Mary is passionate about adding value to people’s lives through education and coaching. A former university professor and corporate trainer, Mary utilizes years of experience in sales, training, and education along with various assessment tools to help organizations in the following areas: leadership, team building, communication, culture, and conflict resolution. At The Authentic Leader, Mary is the practice leader of the MPO and IDW product lines, along with various team and leadership development programs. She is committed to adding value to our clients through the development of people and organizations.

Corporate Trainer

Michele started her corporate career internationally, moved into the education sector, and has come full circle returning to corporate training and support in 2011.  Michele’s fantastic teaching style and fun personality make her a great addition to The Authentic Leader team.  Michele focuses on educating around the MPO and IDW assessment tools, as well as a variety of leadership training events designed to improve performance in organizations.